COVID-19 Safe Practice Guidelines - ORANGE ZONE

COVID-19 Safe Practice Guidelines – ORANGE ZONE

Prior to a private viewing or open home appointment.


  • Private viewings and open homes can take place if consent from vendor has been received.
  • Where possible marketing material will be emailed to you prior or following the viewing. 
  • It is preferable that you pre-registered your interest to attend an open home or private viewing. 
  • You are able to request a copy of First National Gore’s COVID-19 Safe Practice Guidelines and these will be made available at open homes and private viewings. 
  • Tenants will need to complete, sign, and return to us a copy of the Purchaser Consent & Declaration Form prior to open homes and private viewings. 
  • The number of people in the home at one time must be limited to ensure physical distancing (1m minimum between different bubbles) can always be maintained. This may mean staggering access to the property and requiring attendees to wait outside the property until prior attendees leave. 
  • In all cases no more than 50 people may attend at any one time. Physical distancing of 1m must always be maintained between different bubbles, meaning that the majority of open homes will need to have significantly less than 50 people in attendance. 
  • Queue management will be used to ensure attendees waiting to enter maintain physical distancing. 
When is a private viewing unable to take place.


  • No viewings or open homes at properties where a person living at has been, in the 14 days prior to the viewing, unwell or self-isolating.
  • Those feeling unwell, or who have travelled overseas recently, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 may not enter the property.
  • High-risk people should consider not attending viewings (e.g., those over 70 or with existing medical conditions).
  • On behalf of the client and with their express permission; the licensee may refuse entry.
At the private viewing/open home.


  • Contact tracing register must be completed each person or entry will be denied. This will include a declaration relating to health and prior contact.
  • Ensure physical distancing is always maintained (1 meters).
  • Attendees to follow the directions from the licensee as to when they can enter the property to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.
  • If a vendor/tenant requests only vaccinated persons at private viewings or open homes, My Vaccine Pass must be provided for scanning by the Salesperson prior to viewing, otherwise access to the property will be denied.
  • Remove shoes at the entry of the property please ensure you are wearing socks.
  • The licensee will wear gloves and have hand sanitiser will be available please use it on entry and exit.
  • The licensee will open all internal/external doors beforehand to minimise surface transmission.
  • Do not open any doors/cupboards, please ask the licensee to do this in need.
  • The viewing or open home should be contactless.

Following the private viewing or open home should you wish to progress to an offer please speak to the licensee to arrange this. Where possible this will be completed digitally to minimise further contact.

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