Keeping Patients Connected

The First National Foundation announced the partnership with the National Burn Centre in 2012 with the focus on keeping families connected. Many burn victims are separated from their families, usually for three months but sometimes up to six months initially.While receiving treatment many patients are in isolation to prevent infection, which can be a frightening and lonely experience.Often families members are left at home with little connection to the patient, which does not assist in their long term healing process either.

First National has provided four iPads with connectivity serivces to enable patients to connect directly with family and friends through Skype, email and social media.

In addition, the iPads will also greatly assist young children with severe burns to view videos during their dressing changes, which can be a painful and long process- sometimes up to three hours at a time.

It is expected that approximately 30 adults and six children from all regions across New Zealand will be treated in the National Burn Centre each year.

By having the connections and support of family and friends back home, these patients will be able to rest and recuperate mentally as well as physically while at the National Burn Centre.