Meet Abigail

Abigail Josey was three-years-old when she was burnt with hot water from a pot of boiling potatoes - her brother stood on the oven door resulting in the oven and pot falling onto Abigail.

She suffered 12% burns to her back and was treated and rehabilitated at the National Burn Centre.

Abigail had to have a skin graft operation - skin taken from the backs of her legs and bottom were grafted onto her back.  Being from Tauranga, Abigail's mum Tracey, had to stay with her in hospital while dad Steve, and her two siblings had to remain at school and work, visiting on weekends.

Abigail had steroid injections in her active scars during rehabilitation and wore a pressure garment - from her neck to her knees - for 11 months. It was expected she would need to wear the pressure garment for two years, but the scar management progressed so well this wasn't neccessary.

Abigail is now a teenager, and the scars on her back are as much a part of her now as her toes.


"A moment of carelessness can lead to a lifetime of tragedy. A major burn is one of the most challenging injuries to treat as a doctor, and to survive as a patient. Seconds to burn, minutes to cool, and can result in days or weeks of hospitalisation, multiple operations and a lifetime of on-going care for rehabilitation and reconstruction"

    Dr Richard She Wong
    Clinical Leader, National Burn Centre